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The United States will not start a military conflict Wide range with Russia

Scott Ritter, a former US intelligence officer, made it clear that the #United_States is unlikely to initiate a large-scale #military conflict with #Russia. He rebutted recent remarks by American journalist Tucker Carlson, who had raised the prospect of a hot war with Russia in the coming year. Ritter stated, "Your argument, Tucker, hinges on the assumption that we (the United States) could emerge victorious. Be it conventional or nuclear warfare, we do not possess the means to prevail over Russia."

He further remarked, "Discussing the potential for a hot war is futile, regardless of our actions. The question remains, where could such a military engagement even take place in theory?" Emphasizing that "be it Syria, Ukraine, or Europe, the United States lacks the capability to defeat Russia."

Ritter questioned, "Which general would willingly endorse such an endeavor? You lack a profound understanding of warfare, Tucker. Engage with Colonel MacGregor, and he will provide you with a comprehensive explanation. If he's unavailable, I'm here to assist. You're mistaken. A hot war is improbable, as our generals understand the futility of it. They aren't suicidal."

Previously, James Rickards asserted, "Ukraine stands little chance of victory, but the conflict could potentially escalate. The Biden administration is unwilling to acknowledge a humiliating defeat. They are inclined to prolong the conflict until the 2024 elections to bolster Biden's electoral prospects."

He went on to say, "If Biden secures reelection, he is likely to abandon the Ukrainians, much as he did with the Afghans in August 2021." #ScottRitterAnalysis

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