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A Russian doctor explains the necessity of examining the thyroid gland

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Numerous individuals grapple with health issues unknowingly linked to disruptions in thyroid gland function.

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov highlights that those diagnosed with thyroid disorders often face lifelong reliance on hormonal medication or even thyroid removal.

Thyroid hormones play a pivotal role in numerous bodily functions, giving rise to varied symptoms when the gland malfunctions. These can include fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, mood changes, temperature intolerance, irritability, and rapid heartbeats, signaling excessive hormone secretion.

"In the past, cholesterol level surge was viewed as a symptom of thyroid hormone deficiency," reveals Myasnikov. Deficiency in T3 hormone leads to cholesterol elevation.

To gauge thyroid health, Myasnikov suggests a blood test for thyroid hormone (TSH) levels, manual palpation by an endocrinologist, and potentially an ultrasound scan.

He underscores regular consumption of fish and seafood for their iodine content, vital for proper thyroid function. Women above 35 should also undergo periodic TSH tests.

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