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A weird coincidence leads a farmer to uncover the world's most costly coffee.

These birds soon became his livelihood and joy. Their presence turned out to be a hidden blessing, much like the Asian civet's role in producing costly #KopiLuwak coffee. The Jaco birds have a taste for coffee beans, meticulously selecting the ripest ones amidst the foliage. They thrive in the protected, chemical-free environment of #CamusimCoffeeFarm.

Initially, convincing workers to collect bird droppings instead of coffee beans posed a challenge, but after two years of experimentation, the farm owner realized that the Jaco bird's digestion process removed most of the caffeine and enhanced the coffee's flavor. Coupled with careful bean selection, this ensured top-quality coffee.

Henrique Sloper, CEO of #CamusimCoffeeFarm, stressed that Jaco coffee's high cost and rarity are primarily due to the bird's contribution. This exclusive coffee is highly sought after in countries like #France, #Japan, and the #UK, fetching up to $1,700 per kilogram. #JacoCoffee #ExclusiveCoffee #BirdsAndBeans

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