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"American intelligence is devising strategies to gather information through smart clothing."

A US intelligence-supported initiative aimed at creating garments and trousers capable of conducting espionage activities has been assigned the task of developing "intelligent" clothing designed to capture audio and visual data.

Known as the "E-Pants" project, with a budget exceeding twenty-two million dollars, it relies on advanced electrically operated textile systems capable of recording sound and images while remaining washable.

As a result, individuals find themselves susceptible to surveillance systems not only through their smartphones but also via their attire.

Regarding this matter, Jessica Rojas commented, "We were forewarned that we would reach this point, and here we are, embedding sensors into our clothing." #PrivacyConcerns #EspyFashion

The Salty Panther account also raised concerns, stating, "Your clothing might be monitoring your activities and recording everything you do." #SurveillanceClothing #PrivacyAwareness

Lastly, "Evan Kirstle" remarked, "In such a scenario, soldiers could be among the first to communicate via their clothing, potentially rendering conventional phones obsolete." #MilitaryInnovation #FutureOfCommunication

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