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An important message from Kim Jong Un is conveyed to both America and South Korea.

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

According to an official media report in Pyongyang on Wednesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected the country's inaugural military reconnaissance satellite and authorized the next steps of his action plan. The report stated that the satellite is "ready for deployment" onto a missile.

As per the Yonhap news agency, KCNA mentioned that Kim conducted the on-site inspection the day before in front of the non-permanent satellite launch preparatory committee. This inspection aimed to assess the overall situation of the spy satellite and gain approval for his "future work plan." This suggests that the launch could take place soon.

In an English-language message, the agency stated, "After thoroughly reviewing the committee's work, (Kim) inspected the Military Reconnaissance Satellite No. 1, which has completed the final General Assembly examination and space environment test and is ready to be loaded."

Kim emphasized that the successful launch of the satellite is an "urgent requirement" given the current security environment and the ongoing efforts to enhance defense capabilities with top priority.

Furthermore, he expressed that as the confrontational actions of the US imperialists and the South Korean puppet villains become more aggressive, North Korea will more justly, directly, and offensively exercise its right of self-defense to deter them.

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