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Can heartburn lead to cancer?

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov emphasizes that while many individuals are accustomed to using baking soda to alleviate heartburn, it is advisable to refrain from excessive reliance on this method. He cautions, "Consuming excessive amounts of baking soda can potentially lead to kidney dysfunction and alterations in the body's acid-base balance, so it's not advisable to use soda regularly. While an occasional use may not be harmful, experiencing heartburn once is different from making it a routine." According to Dr. Myasnikov, it's crucial to address heartburn promptly, as ignoring it can result in severe conditions, including cancer. Barrett's esophagus, also known as Barrett Metaplasia or Barrett's syndrome, can develop due to chronic heartburn. This condition induces acid-base changes within the esophageal cells, leading to the formation of scar tissue in the esophagus—an ominous precursor to the development of cancerous tumors. The doctor advises that to alleviate heartburn, one should carefully monitor their diet and avoid overeating. Opting for smaller meal portions is advisable. Additionally, refraining from strenuous physical activity or sports immediately after eating can be beneficial. #Heartburn #AcidReflux #HealthyEating #DigestiveHealth #HeartburnPrevention #DrMyasnikov #BakingSoda #KidneyHealth #BarrettsEsophagus #CancerPrevention

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