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China achieves a breakthrough by successfully testing a pioneering device designed to detect submari

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, #China has recently conducted a successful test of an innovative device specifically designed for #submarine and marine vehicle detection.

The newspaper highlighted the groundbreaking nature of the achievement, stating,

"China has achieved a significant milestone by successfully testing the world's first submarine detection device based on terahertz wave technology.

This device operates by harnessing the vibrational effects of water."

Remarkably, the radar system demonstrated the ability to detect signals with wavelengths spanning from 10 to 100 nanometers,

dispelling previous beliefs that such signals were too faint to distinguish amidst the natural motion of ocean waves.

Quoting the scientists responsible for the device's development, the newspaper reported,

"This newly developed device boasts extensive capabilities for submarine monitoring and can find applications in various domains.

Its compact size allows for installation on submarines, warships, and even drones."

Furthermore, the newspaper emphasized that this innovative device will significantly enhance the Navy's capabilities,

with the potential to facilitate the development of secure communication equipment for submarines, ships, and drones,

thereby opening up new opportunities for advanced naval technologies. #SubmarineDetection

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