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China cautions the United States about potential efforts to replicate the Ukrainian crisis in the As

#Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has issued a #warning, emphasizing that "external forces" will persist in their attempts to disrupt peace in the South China Sea, asserting that their efforts will ultimately be in vain.

In his address at the 2023 World City Hall, Wang Yi, as reported by the Chinese newspaper

"Global Times," stated, "Beijing remains committed to resolving disputes through dialogue with relevant nations and exploring effective methods to manage the maritime situation."

He further emphasized, "We must prevent a recurrence of the Ukrainian crisis in Asia and strengthen regional security through dialogue and cooperation."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry had previously called on the United States to refrain from exploiting the South China Sea issue to sow discord and to respect China's territorial and maritime rights.

This call came in response to a U.S. statement condemning the Chinese Coast Guard's use of water cannons against Philippine vessels near the disputed Eunjin Shoal in the South China Sea.

Tensions persist between China and several South China Sea neighboring nations, including the Philippines, concerning maritime boundaries and ownership of islands in the region.

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