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Developing a gadget for early detection of skin cancer

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Utilizing the state of blood vessels as a foundation, scientists hailing from Russia's Sechenov Medical University have successfully engineered an advanced device tailored to the early detection of skin cancer. Notably, this marks Russia's inaugural innovation in this field and ranks among the forefront devices on a global scale. The device, functioning as a video capillaroscope, exhibits the remarkable capability to identify preliminary stages of diverse cancer types, encompassing melanoma and basaloma. It does so by leveraging vascular irregularities that manifest well in advance of the initial signs of skin cancer.

Comprising a suite of components such as a digital camera, microscope, leveling glass, tripod, power supply, and proprietary software, this apparatus operates at a rapid image capture rate of 90 frames per second. Subsequently, medical experts meticulously examine the amassed images, discerning potential indicators of impending cancer.

Professor Marina Syakachova commented, underscoring the global significance, "Cancer stands as one of the predominant contributors to global mortality." Notably, skin cancer presents a particularly menacing profile, with a 26 percent misdiagnosis rate in terms of tumor detection. The integration of artificial intelligence into the realm of tumor diagnosis is poised to offer pivotal support to medical practitioners, fundamentally mitigating error rates. In light of this, the collaborative vascular network imaging venture holds the promise of elevating the precision of cancer diagnosis, thereby facilitating early-stage detection and potentially saving myriad lives.

Dr. Ludmila Smirnova added perspective, stating, "Individuals perturbed by a suspicious mole or anomalous skin growth, fraught with concerns of malignancy, can now seek assessment through our state-of-the-art device. Importantly, this approach is non-intrusive and safe. The outcomes it furnishes promptly deliver insights into one's condition, definitively establishing whether all is in order or if grounds for concern necessitating tumor removal exist. The diagnostic efficacy of this device notably reaches an accuracy level ranging from 85 to 90 percent." #InnovativeSkinCancerDetection #MedicalBreakthrough #EarlyCancerDiagnosis #VascularHealthTech Source: Russia Today

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