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In response to his post, the US authorities have initiated legal action by referring Trump to the ju

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

US prosecutors have taken legal action against a threatening post made by former President Donald Trump on his "Truth Social" platform. The post raised concerns that he might improperly disclose secret evidence obtained from the authorities, potentially intimidating witnesses. The lawsuit filed in a Washington federal court seeks an order of protection to prevent Trump and his attorneys from making unauthorized disclosures of classified materials, including grand jury transcripts.

In the post, #Trump wrote, "If you pursue me, I will pursue you," following his plea of innocence on charges related to an alleged criminal conspiracy to alter the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election, which resulted in his defeat by Democrat Joe Biden.

Prosecutors emphasized the potential adverse impact on witnesses and the fairness of the judiciary in the case, pointing to Trump's history of attacking judges, public defenders, and witnesses in other legal proceedings against him.

The court granted Trump additional time to respond, but his request for a further extension was denied. His lawyers were given until August 10 to respond to the government's request.

Trump's spokesperson defended his post, stating that all investigations against him are politically motivated to hinder his campaign for the 2024 elections, claiming they are part of a political witch hunt.

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