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"Progressive Democrats Urge Biden to Increase Pressure on Israel Amid Gaza Crisis"

Prominent progressive members of the Democratic Party have called on President Joe Biden to "increase the pressure on Israel." This appeal comes at a time when the Israeli occupation is conducting a persistent and violent campaign in Gaza, as reported on Politico.

The leader of the Congressional "Progressive Caucus" within the Democratic Party, in conjunction with a coalition of fellow legislators, penned a letter to President Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, urging them to encourage the Israeli occupation to adhere to international legal standards.

In addition, members of the House of Representatives expressed their deep concerns, emphasizing that "the evacuation of over a million civilians from northern Gaza will result in severe humanitarian consequences."

The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Human Rights Committee also weighed in, stating that a complete blockade on Gaza and the deprivation of 2.3 million Palestinian civilians from essential resources like food, water, and electricity would constitute a breach of international humanitarian law. They stressed the dire situation faced by the Palestinians, especially the half who are children.

This call to action follows President Joe Biden's communication with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he emphasized the need for Israel to respond decisively.

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