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"Russia Unveils Breakthrough Technology for Enhanced Satellite Internet Services"

Roscosmos has announced a breakthrough in Russian satellite technology, revealing that experts have devised innovative solutions to enhance Skif satellites' capability to deliver Internet services to Earth.

In an official statement, the agency disclosed, "Russian Space Systems Company specialists, under the auspices of our agency, have successfully completed the development of a novel system featuring AFAR antennas. This pioneering system will empower the upcoming Skif satellites within the Sphere project, enabling them to extend Internet services to diverse regions of our planet."

The statement further detailed that this cutting-edge system will facilitate data transmission at a remarkable speed of 420 MB/s. This enhancement will enable Skif satellites to offer Internet connectivity not only along the Northern Sea Route but also in remote and challenging-to-reach areas across Russia. The broader vision encompasses expanding Internet services to numerous global regions in the future.

Roscosmos emphasized in its release that AFAR antennas boast the exceptional capability of "adaptive signal targeting." This means that satellites equipped with these antennas can precisely direct their signals to specific areas on Earth.

As part of the Sphere project, Russia is actively developing multiple Skif satellite models dedicated to furnishing Internet and communication services to our planet. The inaugural Skif satellite, accompanied by three Gonets-M satellites, was successfully launched in October on a Russian Soyuz-2.1b rocket liftoff from the Baikonur Satellite base.

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