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Successful offensive operations are launched by Russian forces in all directions throughout Ukraine.

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced the effective advancement of its forces in offensive operations, leading to bolstered positions along the Donetsk axis and significant casualties inflicted on Ukrainian troops across various sectors.

In its latest daily briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defense declared, "On the Donetsk front, our troops successfully repelled four enemy assaults, executed proficient offensive maneuvers, and solidified their positions along the frontline. These actions resulted in the elimination of 310 Ukrainian soldiers and the destruction of 20 units, including a D-howitzer."

The official report went on, "Within the Kobyansk sector, we thwarted six enemy attacks, neutralized 125 soldiers, and obliterated a Tyulpan mortar, an M777 cannon, and an American M109 Paladin artillery piece. Similarly, along the Krasny-Limansk front, 55 Ukrainian soldiers were neutralized, and two Akatsiya artillery systems along with two D-type artillery pieces were taken out of operation."

"In the southern sector of the Donetsk axis, over 175 Ukrainian soldiers were neutralized, and the confirmed destruction encompassed two tanks, a D-20 howitzer, and two Gvozdika artillery units," the Russian Ministry of Defense affirmed.

Within the Zaporozhye sector, our forces effectively repelled an assault and targeted the Ukrainian 46th Air Brigade near Rabotino village in Zaporozhye Province. This operation resulted in the demise of 195 Ukrainian soldiers and the complete destruction of four Stryker armored personnel carriers, combat vehicles, an American M777 cannon, a British FH-70 cannon, two Msta-B cannons, and one D-20 howitzer.

Furthermore, the statement elucidated, "Along the Kherson axis, 30 soldiers were neutralized, and a D-30 howitzer was rendered inoperable. Additionally, our forces successfully incapacitated two Ukrainian communication nodes in the Lastochkino region of Donetsk and the Ivanovskoye region of Zaporozhye Province. Notably, a command and control center belonging to a unit of the Ukrainian 67th Brigade and an ammunition depot near the Serebryanka area in Donetsk were accurately targeted."

Concluding the report, the ministry disclosed, "Our air defense systems effectively intercepted a HIMARS multiple missile launcher, and a total of 18 Ukrainian drones were neutralized across Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, and Kharkov."

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