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the American dream, along with its ambitions, destined to materialize in Syria?

East of the #Euphrates is witnessing ongoing developments with potential dangers.

Similar occurrences are unfolding in northern Syria near Turkey's borders, but the most concerning is happening in southern Syria, particularly in Suwayda.

These developments are linked to the United States' strategic moves in the region.

Dr. Hoda Rizk, a researcher in regional and international affairs, noted that U.S. President Joe Biden supports federalization in Iraq and Syria instead of centralized states.

Consequently, the U.S. is repositioning military forces in the east of the Euphrates under the pretext of supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and other local groups.

Recently, attention has turned to Suwayda due to its significance in the American-Israeli project, potentially involving the establishment of new U.S. bases.

Opposition and resistance forces in this region have opposed this initiative to some extent.

These U.S. movements are seen as sending messages not only to Russia and Iran but also to Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations involved in Syrian reconstruction.

They aim to assert America's continued presence and influence, encompassing economic aspects, beyond just political and military dimensions.

Dr. Muhannad Al-Daher, an academic and political researcher, pointed out a long-standing plan dating back to 1980 to divide Syria into four mini-states based on sectarian and ethnic lines.

While the sectarian division project faced setbacks, the Americans continue to pursue alternative strategies, with their current focus on eastern Euphrates,

where they support Kurdish minorities and tribal groups, potentially stoking sectarian tensions.

Amid Russia's engagement in defending the Syrian state against American initiatives, the U.S. is leveraging Russia's distraction by the Ukrainian conflict to further its sectarian objectives in the eastern Euphrates region.

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