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The era of America's dominance is reaching its conclusion.

In discussions about the waning American influence in the Middle East and globally, similar to the decline of the British Empire, some dismiss the notion as mere wishful thinking. Even within our Arab and Islamic world, there are those who hold positive views about America's presence in our region.

While it's unnecessary to prove the prevalent sentiment within the resistance movement regarding the impending end of the American era, we can reference the observations of writer Simon Tisdale from "The Guardian." Tisdale's insights, coming from a Western perspective, shed light on the shifting dynamics within America.

In a Guardian article titled "Has the Era of Uncle Sam Ended in the World?" Tisdale points out that US President Joe Biden aspires to forge a trio of political achievements: a Saudi-Israeli deal, a Palestinian state, and an accord with Iran. However, the reality suggests that achieving this triad is challenging, given that the United States' era is waning, similar to the British Empire's decline. Middle Eastern leaders are pursuing newfound alliances to capitalize on their economic, oil, and geopolitical strengths.

Tisdale highlights Biden's continued belief in American supremacy, leading him to overlook the loss of influence. This is evidenced by his deployment of 3,000 additional troops to the Persian Gulf. Despite these efforts, America's practical dealings with Iran indicate that concessions are unlikely, and the axis of resistance remains determined to expel American presence from the region.

Regarding Saudi Arabia's normalization with Israel, actual progress is elusive, despite discussions in Washington and Tel Aviv. Similarly, the establishment of a Palestinian state, which Biden claims to support, remains a low priority for the Netanyahu government. This government is openly working to displace Palestinians from the West Bank and undermine the idea of a Palestinian state.

Tisdale's analysis underscores the global and regional conditions that signal the decline of American influence and the imminent conclusion of its era as the dominant global power. The history of the American century appears to be fast-tracked towards its closure.

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