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The most recent updates in the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

The #Russian military has extended its complete control over the territories previously reclaimed during the ongoing Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the Russian Ministry of Defense has disclosed that Ukrainian forces sustained significant casualties and substantial material losses in the past day.

The Russian army has fortified its positions along the Donetsk front, successfully thwarting four enemy attacks in the direction of Zaporozhye and neutralizing 115 Ukrainian soldiers.

Meanwhile, #Ukrainian media has reported a loud explosion in the western city of Odessa today, Sunday, following the activation of warning sirens in the region.

The Ukrainian newspaper "Zerkalo Ndeli" has described the explosion as powerful.

In addition, Russian emergency services have announced the evacuation of Moscow's Kievsky railway station, prompted by reports of a potential bomb threat inside the station. #UkraineCrisis

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