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The World Health Organization has identified noteworthy COVID-19 trends in anticipation of the upcom

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Due to limited data caused by reduced reporting from many countries, the United Nations Health Organization estimates that hundreds of thousands worldwide are currently hospitalized due to #COVID-19.

World Health Organization Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed concern about increasing COVID-19 trends, especially in the Northern Hemisphere ahead of winter. He mentioned rising deaths in parts of the Middle East and Asia, growing ICU admissions in Europe, and increased hospitalizations in various regions.

Tedros highlighted the insufficient reporting, with only 43 out of 194 member states providing death data and 20 countries reporting hospitalization cases to the WHO. Maria Van-Kerkhove, WHO's technical director for COVID-19, emphasized the risk of indoor gatherings during colder months, allowing airborne viruses like COVID-19 to spread.

With influenza and respiratory syncytial virus circulating, Van-Kerkhove stressed the importance of testing and vaccination. Tedros noted the spread of the Omicron EG.5 subvariant and the monitoring of the highly mutated subvariant BA.2.86 in multiple countries.

Preliminary data suggests that current vaccines offer protection against BA.2.86. One of WHO's major concerns is the limited number of at-risk individuals receiving booster doses, particularly those in poor health, which Tedros urged not to delay. #StaySafe

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