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Washington reports that the Patriot system sustained damage due to a missile strike in Ukraine

CNN reported, citing an unnamed official from the US administration, that a "Patriot" air defense system sent to Ukraine was damaged in a Russian missile attack on Monday evening.

The news channel stated that while the air defense system suffered damage, it was not completely destroyed. The United States is currently assessing the extent of the damage to determine whether the unit needs to be decommissioned or if repairs can be made with the assistance of Ukraine.

The specific location where the damaged air defense system was deployed has not been disclosed.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday that a targeted strike was carried out during the night using precision-guided long-range air and sea weapons, targeting the deployment points of Ukrainian forces as well as ammunition and equipment storage facilities supplied by Western countries.

Among the targets hit was the US Patriot air defense system, which was destroyed in Kiev by a hypersonic missile called "Kingal."

Earlier, Ukrainian Forces Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny stated that Ukrainian air defense systems successfully intercepted and shot down all 18 missiles launched during the night, including 6 "Kingal," 9 "Caliber," and 3 "Iskander" missiles.

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